12 Interior Paint Colours Designers Love

Some people find it hard to commit to only one colour when it comes to designing the interior of their home. Others would like to put as much colour as they want, with some who like to mix and match with the furniture and other features.

If you find it stressful to pick an interior paint colour for your home, knowing the hues and shades loved by designers might take the stress out of choosing. Here are the top 12 paint colours for interiors along with decorating tips:

1. Chelsea Gray

This is a dark shade of gray that fits perfectly in any living room or master bedroom. It is a warm and equal tone that does not have a gloomy effect on rooms like other gray hues.

2. Manchester Tan

This is a combination of the colours beige and gray that adds a warm feeling to any room. It is great when paired with lime green for a perfect contrast of colours on any sunny day. It is even better if you have it painted by the most reliable paint services in your area.

3. Whirlpool

This interior paint colour is a mix of super light blue and grey colour that livens up any room in your home.

4. Revere Pewter

Part of the gray family but has a touch of brown undertones making it perfect to use as a backdrop in any space of your home. You can add a touch of brown or white undertones on your furniture to make it look crisp and clean.

5. Palladian Blue

If you are fond of the ocean, then you will definitely love this blue-gray-green shade called Palladian Blue. It is perfect for cooling any part of your home that usually has a sunny shade.

6. Compatible Cream

If you want to paint a room yellow but not too bright, then you will love Compatible Cream. It is a warm and inviting shade that will coordinate with any other shade on the rainbow. This colour is perfect for living rooms or dining rooms.

7. Intense White

This type of interior paint colour has a greyish tone so it is ideal for homeowners who don’t want to have bold colours in their home. It offers a subtle contrast for other hues and is perfect as a backdrop in any room.

8. Decorator’s White

If you prefer being minimalist even on your walls, Decorator’s White will make a perfect choice. It has an unbelievably pure white undertone that is perfect for ceilings and bathrooms. Pairing it with gray accent furniture or designs will let you achieve that minimalistic look you are hoping for.

9. Wool Skein

The Wool Skein interior colour is a perfect neutral that will coordinate with the other colours in the room. It will play with the different colours you bring in to your space and will take care of the overall look.

10. Lavender Mist

You can never go wrong with lavender. This type of interior paint colour livens up the halls of your house while keeping it cool and light.

11. Salmon Peach

This blush-like colour fits perfectly with green contrasts. It can be used in the master’s bedroom and you can match it with furniture that has a green touch to it.

12. Garden Stone

If you want a warm gray touch to your home, the Garden Stone interior paint colour is the perfect pick.

Even the top-rated builders or developers we’ve reviewed here at My Chronicles would agree that painting your interiors with any of the above colours would be an excellent idea.

Posted On 12 Sep , 2017

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