Is Your Home Still Sitting on the Market? Find out the 7 Reasons Why

Try to benchmark your own home with other comparable properties in the area in terms of the duration of which it is listed in the seller’s market up to the point of sale. If you notice that your property is sitting on the market for more than 30 days already, it’s time to look back on your property and make some changes.

Do your own research, and ask for suggestions from friends on how you can make your house sell fast. You can also do some research and read real estate reviews to find the right people to help you sell your home.

To give you a kick start, find out these 7 reasons why your house isn’t selling yet.

  1. Your House Isn’t Found Online

    The first place where home buyers go to search for a house is the web. More and more people are looking online, making it essential for you to list your home on the online market. Make sure that you know the latest market trends and that your home is visible in major real estate websites.

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    Real estate websites are the major hub of home buyers. So, advertise well! Image Source: Pexels
  2. Your House Is Overpriced

    Whether you like or not, you need to follow what the market dictates when it comes to setting a selling price for your home. Even if you have an ideal price in mind, buyers will still be looking at comparable properties that are cheaper than your asking price. Because of this, expect a slower pace of selling your house.

  3. You Post Poor Quality Photos

    First impressions last. This is a quote that almost everybody knows, and it rings true in presenting your home photos in real estate websites. Listed houses with no or few photos are poorly represented, making them the last to be noticed. Hiring professional real estate photographers is the best decision to make when you want to have world-class photos scattered online. You can be sure that they can make your home’s highlights visible through the lens.

  4. You Have the Wrong Listing Agent

    Price too high, renovations and repairs aren’t completely done, or the overall condition of the house may not be the reasons why your house isn’t selling fast. The people behind the listing and marketing might be the culprit. Multi-tasking, as most agents are doing, might be one downside for a home seller, like you who trust them to do the job well.

    To address this issue, find the right real estate brokers that can handle multiple listings extraordinarily. Make that part of your proceeds worth the decision of hiring them.

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    Find a realtor that has both skills and dedication to their job and clients. Image Source: Pexels
  5. Your Curb Appeal Isn’t Appealing at All

    What buyers first see when they visit your home are the landscape, front porch, and the overall exterior design. When these reflect poor maintenance, your buyers might not want to come inside and, instead, leave. The photos you took for the online listing must reflect your physical home. Outgrowing weeds, undone gutter, and cracked pavements should not overtake the general state of your property.

  6. Your Repairs and Renovations Didn’t Help

    Selling preparations should be planned properly to create an inviting and cozy home. Old appliances, plumbing leaks, faded paints, and incompletely refurbished interior and exterior can turn down potential buyers. When selling your house, make it more like a brand new home. It will be worth every dollar you spend once you receive a good offer.

  7. You Have Problematic Title, Insurance, and Other Documents

    A transfer without a recorded deed, a paid-off mortgage that is used as a valid lien on the house, and a work lien done by a subcontractor are just a few of the reasons why your house won’t be sold. Make sure that the house and lot title, insurance, and other necessary documents for transfer are clean to easily get an offer for your home.

When planning to sell your home, it is always a good thing to learn about how to maximize profit but to be aware of the reasons why your house won’t possible sell fast.

Posted On 14 Aug , 2017

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