Then and Now: Guide to Selling and Marketing Real Estate Properties the Old and New Ways

The real estate industry is getting bigger and bigger. Many companies invest in a different array of properties from low-cost housing to luxury apartments.

Despite the previous problems in the economy the market faced years back, real estate owners are slowly making their comeback. It is the perfect time to sell.

Homeowners are also hopeful for their own estates. They put their properties on sale to upsize or to upgrade to a better home. With those facts, selling and marketing have been very steep and competitive for everyone. The effectivity of the methods used is not all granted to be efficient.

It’s already a hard work to arrange the paperwork required for property transfer as well as obtaining money for mortgage, the stress in selling properties is really an unnecessary burden. Know your way around marketing real estate properties with this comprehensive guide.

Traditional Marketing

For years, real estate had to settle with the old ways of promoting properties. Before the internet was widely used by the masses, companies used brochures, leaflets, and other print advertising materials. They also relied on word of mouth, open house, and site visit. There were also the classified ads where a dedicated section was set aside for real estate sales.

  • Promotional Materials – It’s common for realtors to distribute leaflets, pamphlets, and brochures to ideal clients. The purpose of which is to promote the property and convince interested individuals to view the place. The main content of the paper are the details of the place (size, material, location, condition, etc.), a photo or photos of the rooms, and the contact information of the seller.
  • Classified Ads – Unlike brochures, classified ads contain lesser information. It’s straight to the point with a few words written. It’s mostly about the details and how prospect buyers can reach the property seller or agent. Sometimes, the value of the estate is written but there are times where it is kept confidential. It makes the buyers more responsive to the advertisement as they have to personally ask for the price themselves.
  • Meet Ups – Local meetups are still big on the market. Individuals who want to buy some property call agents to discuss the details over lunch, a cup of coffee, or other setup they’re comfortable with. There are those community conferences as well, perhaps a big event hosted by bigger real estate groups or real estate tycoons that welcome marketers. They discuss everything that they have to offer in hopes of finding new clients.
  • Brokers – These are trusted and licensed individuals who are capable of selling the houses for sale. The role of brokers is to convince clients that the property they are looking for is right there in the realtor’s long list of available estates. They also assist a client in finding a mortgage financer. The better a broker is, the better the reputation the real estate company is.

Those have been tried and tested in the years that have passed in the real estate industry. However, with the convenience of modern technology, better methods have come in the picture. Companies have found new means that make it easier for them to compete with their real estate rivals.

Modern Method

New techniques in marketing have broadened the channels with which clients can reach real estate agents and find property options for purchase, rent, or investment.

Not only are the advertisements more accessible to prospects, but they also become easier to disseminate. Here are some of these modern methods.

  • Social Media Marketing – A lot of people are using social media platform. Whether they’re in their mid-20s starting out their career or a retiring senior, most individuals have their own personal account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is why many companies have taken the liberty to use social media as a mode of marketing. Official pages are created to show off photos and videos of the property. Professional property photographers like Baithe Photography are hired to take the images. Posts are also created to promote the details of the estate that’s being sold.
  • Business Website – Companies also create their own website where they dedicate pages for their business and for a list of properties. In some sites, properties are being broken down by categories in the gallery. While in other sites, every property has its own section which details all the specs about the place. There is usually a Contact Us page for ease of contact between sellers and buyers.
  • Property Listing – There are websites as well where sellers may put up their estate. When an individual is interested in buying a property, they can search up on the listing site for a place of their own specification and results would show up which includes the estate put up by the realtor. This development in technology has helped many get noticed by online buyers.

Overall, marketing real estate and selling it to possible clients require effort and dedication. Regardless of which method you use, you should renovate a property before selling it, unless you’re selling a fixer-upper. Check out reviews of construction firms to identify the best contractor for your pre-sale renovation.

Posted On 10 Jan , 2018

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