What Impacts Your Home’s Selling Price

Before selling your home, it is nice to add some finishing touches to it with a house renovation that will help impress potential buyers. In addition, upgrading and making even minor changes can make a difference on your selling price. Home renovations like room additions, furniture, etc. can help increase house value. But before you get carried away making a list of improvements, take note of these small things often overlooked by home sellers but can impact your home’s sale price.

  1. Closets

    A cost-free upgrade you should do is de-cluttering your closets. When buyers visit your home, they will be interested to check every nook and cranny. So be prepared for an inspection of your closets in every room. No need to completely empty out everything, but free up enough space to show that your house has ample storage capacity. Crammed pantries, cabinets, and closets can give the impression of lacking storage areas.

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  2. Hardware

    Another easy yet effective way to give your home a fresh look is by upgrading the hardware in your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and other key rooms in your house. Replace drawer pulls, cabinet door handles, and interior doorknobs with new ones that are up to par with current trends in new home designs.

  3. Furniture

    No need to get rid of all your old furniture, but make sure that pieces that have seen better days get some attention. An old sofa can get a new look after a good clean and with pretty throw pillows. If it has some stuffing popping out or the cushions are a bit worn, look for a slipover in a good color to prettify your furnishing and to give the room a new look. Wooden furniture can look attractive again after some cleaning and polishing.

  4. Cabinets

    According to homebuyers, kitchen and bathrooms are the most important upgrades. If you feel like these rooms are outdated, opt for changing the cabinets instead of giving them a total makeover. Refacing your cabinetry, changing the countertop, or giving your cabinet doors and drawers a new paint color can help make the rooms in your house look more inviting and new.

  5. Plant décor

    Why not decorate your home with plants and flowers from your garden? Let the color accents of plants and flower arrangements add vibrancy to your home. May it be succulents, blooms in vases, or potted plants, these can add a welcoming vibe for the buyers. Make sure to keep them on table tops or corners to avoid blocking walkways or cluttering the space. You should also see to it that plants are well-maintained and the area is clean in your lawn and garden.

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  6. Electrical appliances and light fixtures

    May it be the water heater, electric panel, or the chandelier, it is best to have your electrical appliances and light fixtures updated for new residents. Replace broken items with modern models for safety, energy efficiency and functionality purposes.

Don’t forget that sometimes it is the small things that can have a big impact. So pay attention to even the little details. If you wish to know more about upgrades that matter, contact your real estate agent for help. They will provide a checklist and give tips on how to professionally customize and renovate your home before selling it. Make sure to also hire only trusted tradesmen who will work on your renovations to get the best value for your money.

Posted On 31 Jul , 2017

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