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Seal rocks has always been a popular destination for tourists who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy the idyllic wonders of the coastline. Indeed, when tourists reach this tiny but popular settlement in the north coast, they look for holiday accommodation Pacific palms to maximize their enjoyment. After all, a holiday here is not complete without a scenic ocean view.

If you want to have the best of Seal Rocks accommodation, look no further than Blueys Retreat. It does not only offer a safe haven for weary travelers, it has everything a tourist would need, from top notch resort facilities, to exquisite dining options. It is located in the heart of scenic Pacific Palms, so you’re sure to get an eyeful of sights to enjoy no matter which way you turn. You can even enjoy a complete holiday without ever having to leave the Retreat.

The resort itself is done to mimic a small, idyllic village that promotes relaxation and winding down amongst its customers. It has several facilities for pampering, de-stressing and being one with nature. The resort has a heated spa and pool at your disposal. You may mingle with other guests over a friendly game over at the tennis court, or a gathering at the resort’s clubhouse, where you can enjoy amenities like free Internet, pool tables and even a mini library.

Blueys is also the best holiday accommodation Pacific Palms for families and close friends. Their accommodations are not only comfortable, but you can also consider them your home away from home. You can choose any one of their luxury homes which come in 2 to 3 bedrooms. Each home contains a spacious kitchen area, verandas with splendid views, convenient parking spaces, free Wi-Fi and dedicated laundry.

With all its features and amenities, it’s easy to want to stay in this Seal Rocks holiday accommodation for the duration of your vacation. However, it’s also a great idea to walk around since the retreat is just a few steps away from several beach resorts, as well as retail shops. You can stroll around Bluey, Shelly, Boomerang and Elizabeth beach, or take local diving or surfing lessons if you’re feeling adventurous.

Blueys retreat is also home to the Kingfisher Cafe, a cafe by day, that doubles as a restaurant during the night. The cafe has made quite a name for itself and some people even visit the retreat solely to sample the menu served here. The cafe specializes in Australian cuisine cooked using the freshest of ingredients so something as simple as eggs and ham can make you feel like you’re having a sumptuous dinner at a luxurious restaurant. The experience is magnified with a veranda seat, where you can have a quiet breakfast while gazing at the blue seas.

While this particular hotel accommodation Pacific Palms is centered mostly on relaxation, there are lots of activities for adventurous souls both old and young alike. With an array of activities at your disposal, comfortable accommodations, and splendid scenery, Blueys Retreat is the best place for peaceful solace before another stressful week of work ensues.

Posted On 26 Oct , 2016

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