Productive Office Space

10 Elements of a More Productive Office Space

According to research, company culture and work environment are two major factors that affect productivity. Is that why some of the most successful businesses also have the coolest offices? Of course, not everyone can afford to have an indoor slide and their own spa at the workplace. But every company can do certain upgrades or

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Posted On Apr 26, 2018

A Helpful Guide to Grow your Property Portfolio Safely and Effectively

It’s already a common scenario for most investors when asked with the question, “How many properties do you have right now?” to answer with a grin, “one, two?” If you are one of them, can you honestly say that one or two properties are already a good real estate revenue machine for you in the

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Posted On Apr 13, 2018

3 Wise Tips on How to Choose a Cost Segregation Provider

Cost segregation has been a common practice in the recent years. It has been greatly beneficial for many property owners to convert their commercial estates into a personal property so these may depreciate for a couple of years’ rate. The purpose of this is to reduce the tax that falls under the liability of the

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Posted On Apr 02, 2018

Top 6 Tips to Buy a Fixer-Upper Minus the Downer

Top 6 Tips to Buy a Fixer-Upper Minus the Downer Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines behind the hit show Fixer Upper in HGTV, such properties are selling like the proverbial hotcakes in Waco, Texas. Anyone inspired by the husband-and-wife team is likely to be encouraged to dip their hands into such a real estate

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Posted On Jan 15, 2018

Stunning Interior Paint Colours Loved by Designers

Some people find it hard to commit to only one colour when it comes to designing the interior of their home. Others would like to put as much colour as they want, with some who like to mix and match with the furniture and other features. If you find it stressful to pick an interior

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Posted On Sep 12, 2017

Helpful Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Gardening is a fun hobby to take your mind off stress. It is also great for maintaining beautiful surroundings for your home. However, when it comes to the upkeep, such as mowing the lawn and watering plants, doing it every day can become quite tiring. It can cost you a lot of your time and

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Posted On Sep 11, 2017

When Listing Your Property in Canada

Canada is known for having one of the best property markets in the world these days. As the demand for housing continues to increase, you are given many a great opportunity to profit from property investments. If you’re new to this but want to join in with a house you’ve been looking to sell, check

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Posted On Sep 01, 2017

First-Time Home Buyers Checklist

Congratulations, you have decided to invest in your first house! This is a huge step, especially when winning bidding wars and acquiring financing is more difficult today. Not to mention how the current real estate markets tend to favour sellers over buyers due to low inventory of available properties. Therefore, you need to make sure

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Posted On Sep 01, 2017