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A leading construction and mining contracting company, Watpac brings to the world world-class expertise in property, specialty services, civil & mining, and construction. Along with a 30-year track record, it is not a surprise that the company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and they are amassing contracts by millions in value.

(Ryde Garden in North Ryde, New South Wales)

It helps that the company is fairly broad, allowing them to accept a variety of contracts. In a recent report, the firm was awarded contracts worth $1,440 million, and community projects at $777 million. They have already completed industrial projects at $330 million.

Watpac was founded in 1983 and was then known as Watkins Pacific. It first established itself as a business in construction and property development and was the company behind the iconic Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Two years after it was established, the firm became an entity on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The construction firm boasts of a skilled workforce, the best practices in safety, and exceptional management systems that enabled them to deliver excellent projects. They follow an approach based mainly on common sense, resulting in outcomes that are advantageous to both the business and its clients.

Watpac’s diversified business model translates to their construction capacity, creating structures that are unconventional and integrates design concepts that are visually arresting but very effective.

Some of their projects include the Mayfair Hotel, the Victorian Schools Project PPP, the Ibis Hotel, Darwin International Airport Terminal Expansion, and the Cockatoo Island Ore Mining.

(Victorian Schools Project PPP in Victoria)

Their Specialty Services projects include the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Year 7 Research Centre, Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital, and the Brisbane Boys College Hall.
As an industry leader, Watpac delivers smart, safe, and innovative construction solutions for new or technical refurbishment projects across Australia. Whether live or complex operating environments, the construction firm guarantees a job well done without a hitch.

Contact Details
Head Office
Level 1, 12 Commercial Road
Newstead Qld 4006
PO Box 2053
Fortitude Valley, Qld 4006
Phone: 07 3251 6300

Posted On 14 Jul , 2017

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