8 Easy Ideas for Apartment Interior Design

People invest in properties for a variety of reasons. A high-rise unit in Thailand, for instance, is an excellent choice for young professionals who need to live close to their offices. It can also be good option for newlywed couples who are saving up to build a house. Parents with children who go to school in the city are sure to appreciate the offered convenience and safety of a condo for rent in Chiang Mai too.

Still, people remain hesitant about apartment living. This is because of limited space availability, which often equates to common finishes and layouts. With individualism being such a big deal these days, fewer tenants want to get a run-of-the-mill space and prefer to have the freedom to decorate their units as they would like.

Fear not though, it is possible to design a condo that is unique to your tastes and preferences regardless how small it might be. Here are some ideas to get your creativity going:

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Use Open Storage

If you find that your kitchen cabinets are not enough to hold your food supplies, buy an industrial metal shelving unit. This will add a sleek touch that is reminiscent of professional kitchens. To corral staples or packets, use wicker baskets or plastic trays. Incorporate a few decorative elements too.

Cover the Floor

Unlike with a new house design wherein you have a say on the final look, rental leases leave you stuck with whatever flooring is in place upon signing the contract. Fortunately, you can easily cover a boring carpet or gaudy linoleum with a supersized rug that matches your other decor.

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Change the Focus

Original elements in older buildings can often pose as a decorating challenge. Rather than hide something you don’t like, work with it and find a work-around. For example, if you’re not fond of the drab wooden panelling in the bathroom, add accents in bright green so the walls will fade into the background.

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Place More Mirrors

Many professional interior designers would tell you that mirrors can work wonders in making spaces appear bigger than they are. So, hang a mirror in your bedroom, living room, or dining room across a window so it is in a prime position to reflect natural light into the room.

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Repurpose Outdoor Furnishings

Colourful garden stools can serve as unique bedside tables or coffee tables. These are relatively lightweight so you can easily move them from one area to another. They are also easier to carry up apartment stairs than bulky tables.

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Furnish the Bathroom

Bring furniture pieces into your bathroom to make it more functional. A narrow table with a drawer can serve as storage for makeup, beauty products, or toiletries. On the other hand, a sturdy chair or stool can be used to hold clean towels.

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Hang Some Drapes

Since you can’t apply wallpaper or paint to your walls, you can settle for drapes instead. These will give visitors the illusion that there are windows hidden behind the curtains rather than just an expanse of blank and boring walls. This is also a great alternative to hanging large paintings or portraits.

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Choose Multipurpose Furniture

Rather than go for a conventional couch, invest in a daybed instead. Plump it up with some pillows for back support so you can have a spot to read a book or watch TV. When overnight guests come, it can serve as a comfortable place to sleep. Keep extra linens in a basket nearby to make the transition from sofa to bed easier.

In terms of freedom with the interior design, building a house can often be the better option. However, when apartment living is the only choice you can work with, know that you can still get creative with your space as pointed out above. There is no need to double guess about getting a condo for rent in Chiang Mai as it is possible to turn it into a cosy and appealing home that suits your needs.

Posted On 26 Jul , 2017

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