Selling Your Home? Here are 10 Important Questions to Ask a Realtor

When it comes to choosing a realtor who will list your home, being picky is essential so you can sell your house quickly and at a great price. Otherwise, you can easily fall prey to lowballing house hunters who will offer to buy your home at dubious prices. Worse, your listing can fade into oblivion, toppled over by houses that have been marketed better. Thus, finding a great realtor is crucial to the success of your house sale.

Not sure where to start, or how to separate the right professional from the average realtor? The first step is to do your research; you can read realtor reviews and client testimonials online to search for qualified names and companies. Once you have gathered a list of candidates, you can then give them a call and meet them in person so you can examine your options further.

To help you find the most suitable one for your needs, here are the top ten probing questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent who will sell your home:

  1. How long have you been a realtor?

    While work experience is generally a big indicator of qualification in the industry, it is important to note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the realtor who has the most experience is the right one for the job. Look for someone who is experienced enough to handle and manage all the aspects of the sale with confidence. In addition to that, the real estate agent should also be enthusiastic to work with you.

  2. What can you say about your performance?

    As a follow-up question to the topic about experience, ask how the real estate agent performed recently, such as in the past year. Although previous performance won’t guarantee a fast sale by default, it can tell you the individual’s capacity to do the job, from marketing to closing down the deal.

  3. Do you specialise in this suburb?

    The next area to tackle is specialisation. You will need a professional who doesn’t only have years of experience and a track record of success under the belt, but who also knows the local neighbourhood well so he or she can market it appropriately.

  4. How much can you sell my house for?

    Selling a home is one of the most expensive business transactions you can make in your life. Gather and compare information about price estimates so you can ensure that you can get a good deal out of your home. Furthermore, don’t forget to ask about the commission breakdown, so you can calculate the overall cost, and the money you are expecting to receive by the end of the transaction.

  5. How did you reach the list estimate?

    This is where you can separate agents who do their research and those who don’t. The best agents evaluate and base their estimates on your needs, local trends, and comparative market analysis.

  6. With whom will I work?

    Sometimes, it isn’t only the realtor you are interviewing who will work with you once you have decided to hire. It can be someone from their team, so it is important that you ask this question early on. There are advantages and disadvantages if you will work with a team, or with a specific realtor; explore your options wisely.

  7. How will you market my home?

    Ask the real estate agent about their marketing strategy; you will need a realtor who can make your home stand out among all the other options available in the market. Also, check out the realtor’s site to get a clear view of the quality of their pictures; visuals are extremely important in catching the attention of potential buyers when they are browsing a variety of attractive listings.

  8. What can I do to prepare my house?

    Seek the advice of the agent on how to make your home more ready for the big transaction. You may need to make repairs or upgrades, and see if the realtor can suggest budget-friendly improvements that can make an impact on your listing.

  9. How will we communicate with each other?

    Communication is vital to the success of your transaction. Know the different communication channels you can use to reach your realtor, such as phone calls, email, or chat. Tell the agent which one you are comfortable with, and see if they can regularly communicate with you using the method you prefer.

  10. How long will the entire process be on the average?

    The duration can tell you how good an agent is. If the realtor you are interviewing knows how to price and market their listings right, a shorter time period is to be expected.

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Posted On 30 Jul , 2017

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