10 Elements of a More Productive Office Space

Productive Office Space

According to research, company culture and work environment are two major factors that affect productivity. Is that why some of the most successful businesses also have the coolest offices?

Of course, not everyone can afford to have an indoor slide and their own spa at the workplace. But every company can do certain upgrades or renovations to improve the office space and, in effect, staff productivity. Begin by incorporating certain elements that create a more productive work environment.

1. More natural light

Doctors recommend getting plenty of sunshine to boost mood and energize the body. Studies show that sunlight aids in Vitamin D production, positively affects circadian rhythms, and produces more happy hormones. This is why workers who get enough daylight tend to be more alert, motivated, and happier.

Since not everyone can do their work outdoors, the best way to bring more natural light into a building is by having more windows. Aside from letting the sun in, you also get a nice view which your staff can enjoy looking at when they need to rest their eyes from staring at their computer screens.

A good choice is aluminum windows. They provide flexibility in design and boost your sustainability efforts since they are recyclable and energy efficient. Make sure to order from aluminum windows Adelaide suppliers or a specialist provider in your locality to ensure the quality of the products.

man with headphones behind aluminum windows

2. Glass walls

One challenge in designing an office layout is constructing partitions without obstructing the flow of natural light. The answer lies in using glass walls that are thick enough to be soundproof without blocking out sunlight. In case more privacy or temporary shade is required, sun curtains and blinds are an easy and quick solution.

Walls of glass are also ideal for smaller workspaces since they create the visual effect of having a bigger and airier space.

3. The right temperature

Did you know that an office that is too hot or too cold affects the productivity of your employees? Make sure that the coolness or warmth is evenly distributed and that the thermostat numbers are just right.

If there are certain areas that need to be kept colder more than others, such as the server room, you can use bulk window film to help moderate indoor temperature.

4. Ergonomic furniture

The dangers of sitting and working on computers for prolonged periods have been a long-standing problem of office workers. More companies are working to provide healthier work environments by improving the ergonomics of their office furniture. Some trends are adjustable tables and chairs that allow you to sit and stand interchangeably, PC desks that are the correct height to avoid strain and health problems, and swivel chairs with better back support.

5. Plants/mood boosters

plants as mood boosters

Greenery brings more life and color to the otherwise dreary workplace atmosphere and improves indoor air quality. Aside from plants, artwork, photos, or framed quotes can also boost moods and spark creativity.

6. Enough storage

Clutter can be an eyesore and affect productivity so make sure there is enough storage space in your office. However, be careful not to crowd the space and disrupt the visual design by filling the area with rows of filing cabinets. Opt for innovative storage solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Also, don’t forget that the keyword here is “enough”. An IT company may not need as many shelves as a law firm, so, determine how much you actually need for your line of business.

7. Latest technology

Recent data shows that fewer office workers use telephones and more depend on tablets. Also, if you encourage mobile workstations, factor in charging stations, outlets, Wi-Fi networks, and other systems to ensure everybody can be productive no matter where they’re working from in your office.

8. Break rooms

Yes, time is money when it comes to business. But employees who don’t have enough breaks tend to become over-stressed, depressed, and less efficient.

This is why more companies are providing relaxation spaces and encourage more break times in their offices. From welcoming and relaxing lunch spots to cool game rooms, there are unlimited options in designing the ideal relaxation space for your staff.

What is important is you provide them havens where they can rest and recharge.

9. Personal touches

This focuses on the company brand and culture you want to encourage. A personal touch can be as small as splashing your logo in strategic spots or showcasing artwork related to your business. It can also show in the theme and design you opt for. Do you want a playful, minimalist, creative, modern, or classy workspace?

getting advice on productive office space

10. The best layout

This can be the most challenging factor to decide on because there are so many factors to consider. How many people do you have to fit in the space? Do most of them need to collaborate? Are there teams or individuals who need quieter and more private rooms? Will you need boardrooms or conference areas? What type of setup is ideal?

  1. Cellular – This divides the floor space into individual rooms or cubicles. It can provide more privacy and is ideal for autonomous jobs that require much focus and concentration. However, it takes up a lot of space, needs more construction material, and limits personal interaction among staff.
  2. Open – This is perhaps one of the most popular layouts for offices today. It can be more cost-effective since the design typically includes low partitions and long tables that are shared by several individuals. More companies prefer this since it can encourage better collaboration, communication, and supervision. But it can also be a problem for those who need a work environment that is quiet and with fewer distractions.
  3. Shared/Co-working – This is mostly for entrepreneurs or freelancers who need a more business-like and equipped office space. There usually are no assigned or fixed workstations, so it’s more of a first-come and first-serve basis. It can be great for social interaction and networking, and it provides an ideal location to meet with clients or project collaborators. Workers, however, have to bear with little privacy, more distractions and noise, and minimal security for their private files and belongings.
  4. Combination – For businesses that have workers or departments that work better in either cellular or open-floor office layouts, combining these two designs is the best solution. One option is to dedicate a section of the floor area to open work stations and another part to individual cubicles that can be used by anyone who needs some quiet and privacy. Go for a floor plan that is flexible so you can update and rearrange as needed.

Get specialist advice so you can choose the best office layout. If you require expert consultation and professional services for business space renovation or construction in Los Angeles, Mega Builders Inc. is the company to work with. They specialize in planning and constructing office spaces that are in compliance with building regulations. They are also updated on the latest design trends and innovations in productive workspaces.

For more advice on your construction or renovation plans, check out our other reviews, tips, and guides.

Posted On 26 Apr , 2018

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